First off, You MUST send a trade request with the amount of 100 gold to "25kLottery" The Main account for the lottery. IF you do win the lottery he is the one who will be rewarding you. Okay...Slow Down! I know, you want to get started right? Well first off you go to the Forums and in the sub-forum you will see "Current Week Lottery", Click on that. Once there, you will see many announcements with the week and the date started and date I close the lottery, which is when I start counting and looking for the winner. The Lottery Opens at 12am Eastern Standard Time on Monday of each week. I CLOSE the lottery ticket purchasing at 12am EST. on Friday the same week it starts. If for any reason you are caught spamming the current weeks forum, your ticket number will not count and there are NO refunds. If for any reason the RANDOM number you pick is also a number another person receives and just happens to be the lucky number, DON'T WORRY. You will both get that weeks lottery prize. The beginning stages of the guild are going to have a default 25k lottery prize. Once we get big {with your help} the prize with go UP. You want more gold? Just invite a few friends and soon enough there will be a 100,000 prize! Good Luck to all.