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            Welcome one, welcome all, to the Guild of roleplaying!
            Do not be shy, we don't bite! (Though there is nothing mentioned about nibbling...) Please, make yourself at home, sit down, relax, kick your feet up with a cup of tea. Or maybe you don't like tea? Perhaps a soft drink or glass of water may suffice?

            This humble Guild offers just what you want out of it, a heaven for you to mingle with other active roleplayers asking for partners in not only one x one roleplays, oh no, but group ones too! Yes, quite thrilling is it not?

            So hey, why wouldn't you want to join? Post your craving ideas for plots, or even create a search thread for other members to view! Offer hints and tips for other roleplayers and plot brilliant narratives together. Whatever you want out of a roleplay can be found here, mixed with a friendly bunch of active Gaians in an area that is filled with ideas to boost your creativity.

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            And now, a note from our lovely Vice Captain, The Insane Doll House!
            Okay guys, rules. We expect you all to know them, but they must be said either way. No one really likes to read them but please, this is highly important to us and they must be followed, any rule broken will result in a punishment given out by me or Tibby Chan. Okay, now to the actual rules...

            General || This is pretty generic stuff guys, just follow Gaia TOS. When clothing comes off, just time skip. Please, this is a public area, no one wants to read that. Please be respectful to others, if things get heated over comment, please take it else where. That or just be the better person and drop it. Please no cursing excessively, no rude, crude words to one another, just be respectful and kind to others. Me and Tibby are the owners, you must obey us, we say something, it goes. Got it? Cool. Searches for roleplays go in "The Foyer", and roleplay threads go in "The Grand Hall". You MUST read the Announcement post "Welcome One, Welcome All" before posting ANYTHING.

            Roleplaying || Alright, there isn't exactly a limit on amount to posting, but please, if you are trying to find a partner, don't lie about how much you write. It's just common sense, okay? This is pretty much just be mindful of your partner for what they specifically want. So, just be respectful and kind to one another, okay? You must be active! Hence the stress on ACTIVE roleplayers being part of the guild. If you are going to be away, let either Insane or Tibby know in advance. Just want to stress more that before making any topics or posts after being accepted, you MUST read the "Welcome One, Welcome All" post in the main forum as it explains all that you need to know.
            Our Guild works on a three-warning basis. You disobey our rules, you get a warning. Three strikes and you're out baby. No questions asked. We have the right to add/remove/change any rules/posts on the Guild. Thanks.

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            And now, it's your turn to make a move my sweets!
            If you would like to join our Guild, then click the orange button at the top and answer the questions below in your request form.

            1. Who is Captain of the Guild?

            2. Who is Vice Captain of the Guild?

            3. Why would you like to join?

            We look forward to hearing from you, sweets!
            Your Loving Writers,
            The WATR Crew

            If you would like to advertise our Guild, then please use this coded link in your signature or where ever you prefer to place it.


            The code looks like this.

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