This Is the Poke Meter Sheet Fill It Or Do Not Join

This Is the Time Zone Sheet Fill It Out Right After The Poke Meter Sheet


This Is the Cherubi Points Sheet This Is Important There Points You Earn Throughout the Guild


This Is the 1 2 3 Pokemon Train It List's the Events, Tournaments and More For Each Month (Updated Every Week)


This Is the Shadow Tower A Subforum Dedicated to the Elite Fours and Gym Leaders All Over The Pokemon Regions In the World- To Battle Them Go to Their Thread/Gym and Pm Them But You Must Have A Trainer Card In Your Sig or Profile.


This Is the Website Where You Can Make A Trainer Card and Redo It whenever You Beat A Gym Leader.


{More Will Be Added Later- So Without Further Ado}

Welcome to the Pokémon World, where we welcome you with open hearts and razor sharp smiles. We will send an announcement with the upcoming events in case you don't check the 1 2 3 Pokemon Train and we have the entire game experience just without the game. Use your pokemon to challenge guild members with the same goal as you, challenge Gym leaders with obtainable badges, beat the elite four and become the guilds most admired Pokemon Kid Idol.

Things we have provided for you:

1. Wifi Tournaments
2. Underground Wifi Challenge
3. Wifi Contest Challenge
4. Mini Game’s
5. Anything else you wanna add
6. Mewtwo’s Contest

We have Pokemon managing buildings so stop by and see how they are doing. We had a Sableye managing a Casino, but we noticed Coins and Plushies missing.

Chansey’s Trade Dome
Lugia’s Battle Stairway
Wynaut’s Question and Idea Board
Kangaskan’s Guild Rules
Mewtwo’s Custom Pokemon Lab

We have more moving into Poketopia, but they are having issues getting here. The Salamance won’t let them cross Eternity Bridge.

Not in the mood to battle? That’s all good and fine. We have a Roleplaying Forum that will twist pokemon in ways it didn’t know it could bend.

A little dry on your skills and haven’t battled in a while? That’s fine, too! We have a Wifi free style Warm up field for those who just want to touch up on their skills and test their pokemons attacks on a variety of pokemon types. If this sounds interesting and fun then come join us, if you wanna add more to the list just tell us in our Wynaut’s Question and Idea Board in Mystic Beautifly Lounge.

I have planned this for months and decided even though there are tons of these guilds out there, I wouldn’t give up on it. We love interacting with other pokemon wifi guilds and would love to join forces with those who would accept us.