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Come join us for our new series, Iridescence! This mysterious series leaves no clue to the Clans about what they are in for. New troubles and old foes will return, leaving huge hurdles for the Clans to jump. As always, the Clans must put aside their differences to get through this strange new phenomenon.

StarClan leaves only one clue:

Be careful what you wish for.

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The winner of the Shining Light Award is KittySongLUVsJONASBoys.
Kitty has been a wonderul help in the guild and is a pleasure to roleplay with. She is one of our veteran members, meaning that she has been with us for a long time. Her characters are unique and reflect upon her warm and generous personality. She is a great friend and wonderful roleplayer- we are blessed to have her in our guild! We love you, Kitty!
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◕ ℓ i v e ◕ ℓ ø v e ◕ ℓ e α я n ◕


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➸ ℒøиg αgø, theяe weяe føuя ℂℓαиs.☁Ҭhunderℂℓαи, fierce and loyal, ☾Ϛhαdøwℂℓαи, clever and cunning, ♨Ϣindℂℓαи, swift and tough, and ♈ℝiverℂℓαи, content and sleek.

❁These ℂℓαиs føught øveя pяey αиd teяяitøяy. There were battles, but one enemy was too strong to defeat. All four Clans banded together to defeat this enemy. It wasn't Tigerstar, but the Twolegs.

❁The Twøℓegs dяøve the føяest cαts øut αиd the Gяeαt Jøuяиey eиsued. The four Clans became one, WindClan warriors helped RiverClan elders. ShadowClan queens carried ThunderClan kits. They traveled over mountains and through valleys, until they made it to the lake.

❁Theɣ divided øиce αgαiи, αиd weиt bαck tø ℂℓαи ℓife. The bond of the Clans were diminished. Long after, these cats were lost. Their descendants, however, are living on.

❂ This is øuя chαpteя. ❂

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User Image ɖesceиɖαиts øʄ ☁Ҭhunderℂℓαи

User Image ɖesceиɖαиts øʄ ☾Ϛhαdøwℂℓαи

User Image ɖesceиɖαиts øʄ ♈ℝiverℂℓαи

User Image ɖesceиɖαиts øʄ ♨Ϣindℂℓαи

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