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Warriors - The Other Clans Guild
'The Other Clans' guild are for made-up Clans; in doing this, it will keep our guild from getting cluttered. Guild idea came from Poison9ous Vanity and many others.
Warriors of the Clans
"Warriors of the Clans" is an amazing and active guild set up by our fabulous Ch3shire_C4t.

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Warriors - Cats of the Clans

Attention!! This guild now has a mule, Spider on Your Bedsheet. If you'd like to donate to the guild, please donate to the mule instead.

Take hold of StarClan.
Fear not, the future.
Make a new generation of the Clans.
The silence of the shadows,
The crackle of the thunder,
The rush of the water,
And the lash of the wind...

Let the battles begin.

Time of year: Late Leaf-fall
Most trees are completely bare of their leaves, and it's tough to sneak out of camp without waking anyone. The leaves underfoot crunch on contact, also making it hard for some Clans to catch their prey. The water is very chilly, as are the nights and the breezes that are becoming more and more frequent. Prey is becoming scarce, a sure sign that it may be hard to find during leaf-bare.


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Character Profiles.

** We do not own Warriors. The series was created by Erin Hunter. All credit goes to her **