Welcome to the forest

Season: Newleaf

Hi! This a roleplay of Warriors, the series by Erin Hunter. There are four Clans, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan. There are also two rogue Clans: SunClan and Fireclan. Starclan is where all the cats die (its like heaven! =D). Windclan is the clan with the fastest cats, they live on a moorland. Riverclan lives by a river, and they are the best suited to water. Shadowclan is a dreary place, with a marsh for territory. It is not very cheerful and the ground is always wet. Thunderclan is a forest. The wind rustles through the trees and it is a very cheerful place. SunClan is a vast plain with few trees. The cats there are very friendly. FireClan is a newer rouge clan, a mysterious clan. You may be a kittypet that is peaceful and lives with your twolegs or you can be a rogue and clanless to roam where you may and go in whatever territory at the risk of your life.

1.Obey the leader of your clan.
2 No Godmooding, Auto Hitting, or what ever other things you call that, No Cybering, Flaming, Spamming, and anything else like that on that line. You know what I’m talking about. Be nice to other rpers please. We’re all here to just have fun.
3. Encourage romance and fighting. Keep the romance level at pg-13 or take it to the pms.
4.Post when you're going to be gone or pm me.
5.If you break a rule, I'll give you a warning. Do it again and you're gone.
6. You can not kill a cat inless you have the rpers permission.
7. Simple so you better obey.

Warrior code
1. The Clan must be fed first
2. No cat can be killed in cold blood, no matter what clan they are in
3. Medicine Cats may never have mates
4. Cats may never mate with a cat from another clan
5. Specific ceremonies must take place at certain points
6. Each clan has it’s own territory
7. Kits cannot leave the camp
8. Kits must be at least 6 moons old before made an apprentice
9. Apprentices must submit to their mentor
10. Obey the clan leader and deputy

12. I will also temp your character if that clan is dying and i need to get it back alive!


News: Working to become more active. Need help doing so. Please Join. Active members wanted. Also, working on a prophecy. PM me if you have ideas or post it in one of the main forums....

Current prophecy:Four will rise
answering the stars;
sweetness will lead
arrogance, courage, and wisdom
to overcome darkness

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