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Welcome To:
Old Clans of The New Age

This is a cat role play, based off of Erin Hunter's recently wrapped up series; Warriors! It is all the passion, drama, and battles from the book, but with entirely different cats, played by YOU!

Join to see where your paws take you, to follow the path set by the stars or against them.

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Will you join as a Clan cat?
A rogue?
Or not at all?

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please put this in your join request:

How many Warriors Books have you read?:
How well do you think you know them from 1-10(10 being highest):
If you were told about this guild, by whom?:

Also, you must include an example of your role-play, it can be something you did in another guild, or something you type up on the spot. We will take semi-literate or above. Be sure to use third-person past tense. If the captain sees usage of present tense more than three times, she may not accept you.

Current Season:Leaf-bare [December-January].

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Four will return to Five.
Thunder, Wind, Water, and Darkness will come together with Sky,
Where friction brings a mighty storm.

A long time ago, in the Old Forest home, lived five Clans, not four. These Clans were Thunder, Shadow, Water, Wind, and Sky. They were watched over by a sixth Clan, StarClan, made of their ancestors.

They lived just as the Clans today, each in their own land, with their own skills. They fought over the same things, borders, prey, all the same. Until one day Twolegs moved into the land of one of the Clans. SkyClan pleaded for any help they could get but were run out of the Clans. The elders and kits stayed behind in the other Clans, while the warriors traveled far away to find a new home.

Firestar restored the clan to their former glory during his time in ThunderClan and SkyClan was whole again. But the fate of the clans was the same as SkyClan's in the end. Twolegs destroyed their home and ran the four remaining clans to a new home by a lake on the other side of the mountains. This, their permanent home, is where they reside today.

However unlike the four other Clans SkyClan's home is disturbed by the twolegs again. Uprooted again, the clan splits, some returning to their kittypet and loner roots, and others head off in search of a new home. Led by StarClan the long forgotten Clan found it's way through the mountains and to the lake where the others now reside.

Arriving during the full moon, SkyClan was allowed to stay on the island used for meetings while the healers waited for a sign from StarClan. Receiving the sign the Clans territories shift and reshape to allow the new clan to live in the most unwanted areas. Areas that SkyClan is used to.

Though all seems well the prophecy that preluded the arrival of the clan has not been fulfilled. All five Clans live around the lake, but not every cat, and not every clan, believes that the kitty-pet filled SkyClan belongs. They have kittypet names, and are too used to dealing with two-legs. They even placed their camp on the other side of a Thunderpath.

All the Medicine cats (even SkyClan) must know this prophecy, so memorize it if you are a medicine cat. Also, the dream should be something about a storm brewing if Sky is rejected. Be a bit creative, but keep to the prophecy.

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We Will be Waiting
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