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-Welcome, The name of this guild is based on the large quartz crystal in the center of the moon pool in a cave where the 4 new clans go to meet with StarClan, their warrior ancestors.-
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((YOU MUST fully read the guild rules before joining.))

You must somewhat literate and a fairly active member of Gaia.

You HAVE to obey the guild Rules or you WILL be removed/banned, or demoted.

Guild Rules

1. NOTHING that goes against gaia's TOS.
2. No slamming somone elses opinions. We are all gonna be friends here.
3. Must be somewhat literate, we are all striving to be the best creative minds we can be, so lets at least not use 'txt tlk' okay?
4. Listen to me (captain) and the vice captains...they/ we CAN ban/remove you.
5. Try to be active once in a while please. If you join, you are agreeing to this. Keep up with it.
6. Do NOT join and act as if you own the guild...I wont put up with it.
7. Swearing is okay, but please try to use &********; as little as possible. Warriors is a younger audience friendly series, and we should be to an extent as well.
8. No spamming, trolling, or god modding (<for RPs)
9. Tell me or a vice captain if someone from the guild is not following any of these rules, including outside the guild, if they send you a pm being an a** about something in the guild, let us know, it will not be tolerated.
10. Do not kill off another person's character without their consent.
11. Don't post in any rps unless you are a member.

Warnings You will recieve a warning if you break any of these rules. after 2 warnings for the same rule broken, you will be banned. (unless its something harassing to another member, then it will only be one warning.)

All RP guild, 'ROLEPLAY GARDEN (A Literate All RP Guild)', check it out guys!

Also, give these guys a look, they are new and in need of members.
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~KAT (&Guild Captain)