♩♪♫♬♭CoNtEsTs aNd cHaTs aVaIlAbLe in tHiS GuIlD!! ¢σѕρℓαуιηg ¢συηтѕ тσσ!♩♪♫♬♭

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Nico Nico Version: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22512760

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[] Please DO NOT bully other Vocaloid Fan Club members, this guild is meant to be happy, and always happy. If you are reported as an individual that decides to be negative, you're going to be blocked for quite a long time.

[] Respect is a must, not an option. Inappropriate posts will be edited or deleted immediately if it is found offensive in any sort of way.


[] If you are that type of person that does not like Vocaloid, or intending to offend our fandom, I suggest that you should leave now, or forever hold your peace through the teachings of synthesized music.

[] No cybering, hacking, biting, and intentional knick-knacks, etc.

Maybe you're wondering, do you have any requirements to join this guild? We may have some, but it really depends on you if you are actually interested in our guild. We do not have many active members due to the downfall of Gaia Online, thanks to the new CEO of the community.
I love fan art, and if you post any, I'd feel ecstatic and thrilled as much as I can float on water. Like, if you guys are Gaia artists. XD

[] Cosplayers, fans, non-fans are welcome to the guild, as long as you post something in the guild, then I'm fine with that.

[] Maybe joining the guild is a great idea if you want to get to know each other better, at least talk to someone.

[] Anime lovers are welcome, it doesn't matter from what fandom you are from, we are willing accept anyone.

--♫--Song Update for December--♫--


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♫- I am online usually around 6:00PM - 8:30PM [PACIFIC] So you may contact me around those hours!

♫- Private Message [ur weenis] if you may need help, an important, or why you are not active.

♫- Do not contact the crew, I don't think I could get notified!

♫- Any other contact information questions will be answered by me, sorry!

Notice: If you accepted to be a Crew members, etc. you have the responsibility to patrol the guild Forums and Contact the Captain immediately.You may ask me to demote you and please provide a reason. Please follow the rules!
Being in the Crew does not mean that you can delete any post that you want.

This was recently updated on 12-18-15

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To IVIiku or ur Weenis (label trade as Donation VFC)