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!~*Welcome To The Vocaloid Role Playing Guild!~*!

Please answer these questions in the request
~ Who's your favorite Vocaloid character?
~ What is your favorite Vocaloid song?
~ Do you cosplay as any of the Vocaloids?
*NOTE* You may still role play even if you don't know Vocaloid
I know the last question was different but I just felt like changing it.

And since I'm the goddess of Vocaloids and this guild, follow my rules or be banned.

1. Follow all guild (and TOC) rules
2. Language at a PG 13 level (so keep swearing at a minimum)
3. You may have as many characters you want
4. If theres anything more than making out, please take it in pm or time skip
5. Listen to everyone even if you're a higher rank than them
6. Please, have a proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I hate reading text that doesn't make sense. Write third character please.
7. Please keep OOC ((In these,)) (these,) [[these,]] [these,] {these,} {{these, or just anything you get the point}}
8. No godmodding
9. Please support the guild
10. Please post at least some time in your life. It isn't that hard.
11. Put 'DokiDoki' in your profile so I know you read the rules.
12. Have fun!