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"We are untouched and clean, pure and innocent, we are proud and have will power...we are virgins!"

Do you feel like the only person on earth not getting lucky?
Do you think your virginity is something to be ashamed of?
Are you sick and tired of young teens on life issues gloating about how much sex they have?

The guild of virgin pride is a place where we who have greedily kept are virginity can come and be around others like us. Come and tell your tales of how you almost lost it, share your stress with those who know what you are going though, and have fun knowing you won’t be hated here with others like you.

What do I need to get in?

Anyone can come on in and chat or play in the games we are an open guild, but becoming a member is differnt.

What do I need to be a member?
If you are a virgin, as in one who has not had sexual intercourse, you qualify for this guild. Join now for a cost of absolutely no gold! Member also have a few more rights that nonmember do not, such as voting and some services.

Captains from partnership guilds are also allowed to join.

What Counts?
The policy on those who have been victims of sex crimes and still believe that they are virgins are also welcome.
Those who believe masturbation and oral sex do not count are as welcome as thoughs who do.

What if I join then lose or give my virginity?
We are sorry but in this situation you will be kicked out, if you request we can offer you a day or 2 so that you can say goodbye.
We now allow people in this situation to stay and share there experiences with others.

1. Please obey all of Gaia’s Terms of Service, though you may tell very detailed stories you may not use pornographic images.

2. Respect you fellow members while in our forms, no insults or slander will be tolerated.

3. If you have lost your virginity or we have good reason to suspect you are lying about your virginity you will be banned from the guild.


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