Welcome to "Video Games 'N' S**T" Ran only by me (For right now)... This is a place about video games, anime, manga, card games, and all nerd related talk.

Read these.

OHMAIGAWD! I was so gunna copy and paste this, but it sucked so much ill just make a new one, look at it anyways.

1. Follow Gaia's turms and cons.
2. Be respectful to all answers
3. [s]Whatever you do, DO NOT say the Lord's name in Vain.[/s]
4. [s]Cussing is a minimum, and NO f bombs.[/s]
5. Post as much as you can
6. DO NOT threaten people
7. HAVE FUN!! - )
8. Do Not post like you're f*cking 8 years old.
9. Any SERIOUS Racisism or homophobia will be dealt with either by a swift kick in the ass or a swift kick from the guild.
10. If you are always in character.. leave. Just.. Jump off a bridge,

I guess there'll be contests.

50th member- 25k
100th member- 30k
Other sh*t - Iunno

Oh, and my name is Rubix... Like the cube, Im kind of a jerk if you didnt tell. My gamertag is balin1, I watch anime, and im gay.