helping raise awareness and relief for innocent people, who were banned unfairly

Are you wondering what gaia is coming to with unfairly banning people? Do you want to talk about it and make a stand to make gaia as fun as it once was without botted gold and banning? Then join VOS because we are frustrated about being fearful of buying in the market place and being banned for it. Let us make a stand and join hands to tell gaia what we think.

FACT Banning a sign of punishment, brought to those who don't follow the rules.

FACT Botting "Refreshing" or "Using a program to play the games for you"

FACT?Botted gold? (I bet alot of you have not heard this one) The gold raised from people who "bot". Items bought with this gold become "Botted items" If you ever sell an item on the marketplace and someone buys it with "botted gold" you are banned. If you trade and item for "botted gold" you are banned. If someone gives you an item bought with "botted gold" You are again, banned.

It's not safe to buy anything- nor sell anything on Gaia anymore! Why is that? Has Gaia become to serious about all of this??