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Welcome to Veneficium Scholacticus(Magic School)! )
This is an RP/discussion guild for the anime/manga Negima, by Ken Akamatsu. For those of you who aren't familiar with the series, here's a summary(Written by me)

Negi Springfield is a 10 year old wizard, who, upon graduation from a magic school, is sent to Japan to be an English teacher. However, he's not assigned to what most people would consider a standard classroom. He is assigned to teach 31 girls, some of which aren't even human. And this isn't all he has to deal with. He has to deal with a perverted ermine who seems to land him into some of the most embarrassing, or perverted situations a kid his age shouldn't have to deal with, vampires who want him dead, and on top of all that, he has to keep his magic a secret. If anyone finds out, he will be turned into an ermine.

This guild consists of 4 RP areas, Mahora, Ostia, Surroundings, and the Dorms.
There is also a special forum for discussion, a place to show others Negima fanart you drew, or found(if you know who the artist is, you must tell who it is, as it is considered art theft otherwise.), and to discuss various other things, or perhaps just show off your cool avatar edits(Admittedly, I got the idea for this part from Mahora Academy, another Negima guild. If any of the mods has any problems with me borrowing the idea, then let me know, and I'll delete the thread.)

However, before starting, read the rules on the first page. )

When you sign up, you do not need to put anything in the reason box. Just an 'I like Negima' will do. smile

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Mahora Academy: A Mahou Sensei Negima RP guild