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Where did VD Bandits come from?

VD bandits was an idea cooked up by me Lunatic Fringe and XxTranslator_TraitorxX while we were sitting around the camp fire talking about the time Translator sleep with her brother and the time when i had bear butt secks and we slowly relalized it started to burn when we pee.So we thought the best way was to take our mini p***s to the clinic and find out that day so happen to valentines day.. the breading ground for all VD cuz everyone will have sex with anyone so they are not alone.So thus VD Bandits was born spreading VD's one person at a time.

Who can be a VD Bandit?
Anyone can be a VD bandit all you have to do is fill out the form below.
Why your interested in the guild?:

* Please be prepared to post regularly in guild
* Please be semi literate
* Obey Gaia's TOS and Rules
* Don't be a arse to the mods