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Welcome to a world where the Gods once more walk the Earth. Mortals are once more puppets of divine to control, and now you must decide whether to side with the Gods or make their own path. The world has changed. Cities are far more advanced, dense forests have returned, that are untouched by man. It seems as if the Gods have brought the beauty with them. An uneasy truce was made between the Gods of every Pantheon, to maintain peace and order. But tension grows. Some wish to see the peace remain, others would like the world to burn. As the pressure increases, one thing is clear: War is on the horizon.

Characters May Include, But not limited too:
-Kings or Queens
-Original Super Heroes
-Original Super Villains
-Gods or Goddesses (e.g. Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Or any other type) (Or You can make one up, but it has to go in to a Parthenon.)
-Original ideas that will fit into the scope of the guild.
If you are worried send a copy of the Character to the Captain or Vice Captains and they will tell you if it will work or not.

1. There will be No Fight with another member. and if you are a problem i will put you on the watch list, and if you continue to be a problem. You will be removed from the guild.
2. No Bullying or you will be banned from the guild.
3. No God-Moding or you will be put on a watch list, and if you are a problem you will be removed.
4. One place at a time. (So please only place you character in one thread at a time.)
5. When you enter a new thread please put. "(Name of Character) enters from (Name of the thread you where last in.)"
6. When you exit a thread please Put "(Name of Character) exit to (Name of the thread you are entering)"
7. No 18+ stuff! If you want yours characters to do any of that stuff, please put a time skip in the Thread, and take the Role Play to Privet Messages! I will not be happy if I find any 18+ stuff in Vanity's Mirror!
8. No Killing other peoples Characters with out permission.
9. Please have fun!
For a better look at the Rules. Please go Here.

Some of the Guilds we are Affiliated With:
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I do not add Guild to the front page if they do not have a banner or the banner does not just appear.

If you would like to join. Please answer the following questions.
- Why do you want to join Vanity's Mirror? {Tell me why}
- How Did You Find Us? {Was it a signature? The Forums? Search Bar? Suggestion?}
-Who is you're favorite God/Goddess?
Please just answer a couple of questions, in your join request.
Why do you want to join Vanity's Mirror?
How Did You Find Us?
Who is best God/Goddess?