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This guild is a group for all of those people that love, or like Vampire Knight.

If you go to Yuki Cross's profile it has quite a few of the vampire knight episodes on it. I'm slowly working on adding more of the videos. I can only do so much at a time however.

I've made this guild in order for other fans to comunicate. I'm hoping that we get some artists in here or others that like to use their minds and hands in creating things. From maybe, Drawings, comics, graphics, banners, ect.

Unfortunately my home computer is crashed or I would make Profile Layouts for people. But once thats up and running once again I'll do that.

Well, I really hope that we get lots of people interested in joining this group. You know where the join guild button's at. ^_^

Please DO NOT donate gold to the guild. We've got enough gold for the time being and I can't access the gold in the account. So if you want to donate gold for the upcoming games and contests and such, (we will be getting later on) Donate it to Yuki Cross. The gold will only be spent on the guid nothing else.

-Made by Dosteikke & Yuki Cross
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