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          For years, we have fought our separate battles. We have fought for truth, justice, the betterment of mankind, or our own personal agendas. We have been called heroes, and villains. We have been called terrorists, and saviors. We have been called destroyers of mankind, and its defenders. We have ruled our own nations. We have served the common man. Our deeds have been great and terrible. Our names have been whispered by every nation, our titles uttered with either awe or disgust. The Invincible Armored Iron Man,The hero returned from the past, Captain America, Thor: God of Thunder, The Amazing Spiderman, Amora the Enchantress, Professor Charles Xavier and his Uncanny X-Men, Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic Four. Victor Von Doom, ruler of Latveria, The Superior Doc Ock, The Scientist Supreme Hank Pym, Magneto the terrorist and his offered paradise. For either good or ill have we have risen up to change the world as we see fit. We have stood alone, among those who treat us as gods. Greatness was ours. But such things cannot last. A change is on the horizon. A force is at work which threatens even earth’s mightiest warriors. Now is not the time to stand as we always have, but rather, to join together to face this threat head on. Each of us must be dedicated to our cause, or none shall survive the night. Alone, we will crumble, one by one, until we are but a memory. Alone we can do naught to change our fate, but


If you are interested in joining United we Will Stand please first look around at what the guild has to offer. If you like what you see and are still interested please do the following:

      Send a message to Seto Kaiba N titled We Stand. In this message you should have...
        - The character you wish to be.
        - An example of your roleplaying style.
        - How you heard about us.

        If you were asked to join by either myself, Seto Kaiba N, then you do not have to send a message.

      If you do not have these three things you will be automatically rejected.

[Currently we are not accepting original characters. As the story progresses there may be a chance for people to create their own OC, but at the moment it is existing Marvel characters only.]