This is a guild that focuses mainly on role-plays about vampires, were-wolves, and other magical creatures. We also have discussions and contests. We only ask for a joining fee due to the fact that we don't have very deep pockets. Your contributions help us develop our guild. No one here will criticize you for the way you role-play, although you may be offered constructive criticism. Feel free to post your own topics, and start your own role-plays. You do NOT need permission.
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1.) List at least one book/manga you have read in the last year.
2.) How you found this guild.
3.) Why you want to join (doesn't need to be specific.)

1.) Don't act like an idiot.
2.) All posts must be at least semi-literate
3.) Somewhere in your application you must include the word apple. Just to make sure you read the rules.
4.) Me and my mods are GOD. You have no right to dispute us or our decisions.
5.) Role-play suggestions must be submitted in the Role-play forum.
6.) No "godmodding" any attempts to do so will result in a very long shunning. (ban)