This is our Naruto guild. It features several of its own unique features. We have our very own chakra system, training system, and chakra combinations system. We have every jutsu listed that we find fair enough to be placed in our guild. We have all of the original clans from the naruto series in here and a list of their own jutsus.

We host our own tournaments that have special rewards that you may only get from tournaments. And sometimes we even have cash prizes for some of the top winners. We have our own unique story line provided by me, Demichemi. We have done a great deal in re-modeling and hope to see that you all like it here. In this guild each purpose has their own chance of being the main character of their own plot.

• We feature our own character customization where you get to create your own character however you want.
• Our guild features its very own chakra system, training system, and stat system. Allowing your character to grow at your own pace.
• We have our very own storyline that will progress deeper as the rp continues.
• We have 5 different villages to choose from to keep the places more populated. We may add another later on.
• Large events held with cash prizes. [Occassionally.]
• Complete Jutsu system.
• Our own bounty hunting system.
• And its godmode proof.


The storyline of this guild takes place around several hundred years after the story ends. Around 300 years to be precise. All the original characters have died off and were successful in re-creating their clans and upholding them with great power. All the villages had originally been in war which resulted in a true fight between several of the Bijuu. This caused nations to fall and villages to be destroyed. With this the world is re-building and have regained 4 of the strongest villages known in the shinobi world. All the previously captured Bijuu by the Akatsuki and humans have all been reborn and have been released into the shinobi world and each of them posing a great threat to the world still. The villages are still not in peace and continue to grow their armies to attack others, but this was for another day. Now a new group formed from the Akatsuki have appeared. Their plans are still quite unknown, but it seems they need all the Bijuu to follow through with it. This is where it leaves off into the world of the shinobi.


If you wish to join it is simple. Send us a join request stating why you want to join. Its not as if we aren't going to accept you depending on your answer, we just wish to see what you have to say.