Twilight Saga Books & Movies

This guild if for Twilight Saga fans, both of the books and the films. Here you can create roleplays about vampires, human and werewolf characters, it doesnt have to be Twilight like but it can still be vampire and such. You can also discuss the books and the films and what your views, ratings and such were on the books and the films made so far, also talk about the up coming New Moon, Eclipse and in the future Breaking Dawn. Finally, you can talk about the actors and their persoanl life or what you have heard about other films they are doing, post pictures and links too.

I have mostly created this guild for users out there who have a hard time finding a good vampire, human or werewolf rpto enjoy or get bugged by others telling them not to make a twilight thread or anything. Here you are safe to do as you want as long as you stick to the rules which will be posted soon. JOIN NOW! )

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