Wolf Pack rules The rules are easy smile
1. Post at least once every two days, because I know everyone has a life so I won't push it because I hate being mean.
2. Be semi-lit.
3. Be nice to every other member in the pack.
4. PM me with the rank you want or i'll pick one for you
5. And last but not least, Have some fun!

wolf ranks smile
u have alphas then betas, Subordinates, scout , caretakers, healer, warriors, hunters pups then omegas
alphas- runs the pack and make sure everything running smoothly(taken)
beta- helps the alpha/alphas run things and normal r in charge when alphas r gone (taken)
subordinates aka pup sitters- watches after pups and young wolves and keeps them safe
scout- keep a look out 4 danger and rival packs
caretakers- pretty much keeps medical herbs stored up and helps healers heal the sick
healer- heal the sick and wounded members
warriors- do most of the fighting and keeps pack safe 4rm harm hunters- hunts food 4 the pack
pups- the youngest members of the pack normal the children of the alphas and betas
omega- the lowest of the low. they normal get used as punching bags or made 2 gather berries