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Welcome to TTA ♥
This is a place where you can be whatever&whoever you want to be.
You can make new friends, meet new people & experience new things. (:
We have many events&contests, where you can win a lot of cool prizes. ^_^
Everyone here is respectful&kind to eachother. (:
We will not judge anyone. ♥
Any questions or concerns, always pm me. c:
I'll try to help or answer your question to my fullest potential. (:
We're all one big happy family, which is an amazing thing about this guild.
TTA means tap that a**. ♥
It was created by me and my friend Racheal.
Please do not send blank join requests, at least tell us how you found this guild.
I honestly really want to know why you would like to join this guild. (:
There is a small fee of 100gg because we need some gold for guild announcements.C;
We also have a guild mule account, after you join please add this account.
If you have any questions or concerns you can also pm or comment that account too. c:
Sometimes I have too many pms to reply to and I might just skip your pm. Sorry about that.
So I would rather you pm the mule account than my main. c:
please&thankyou. ♥
Also, don't forget to introduce yourself here.
And also post your birthday here.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a small donation to the guild mule account.
I promise we only use that gold for contests. c:

Anything counts. ♥
Thank you for joining&reading about TTA. C:
Have an amazing day. (:

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