True Union

Founded by Lewis Daniel Murray, True Union Queens Marshall

Founded in 2007

Founded on The Colin Marsh, Dumfries, Scotland, United Kingdom

These are the basic facts about True Union, im sorry to open cold and industrially but since 2007 there have been some tough campaigns going.

What are we A non-violent protest group for civil rights, unity and devolved powers. We currently only deal with problems inside the United Kingdom but i shall be accepting offers from people all over the world, whoever or wherever you may be to spread the message across to your people.

I plan to create a Gaia Tru Union Uniform eventually but were only 500g to join and particapate in. As an assurance from you that you will not adopt my symbol then disgrace it, is the only thing you need to join. I have the highest faith in you all. Now lets gets to breaking down stereotypes.

It doesnt cost to speak up for your rights, thats why they call it free speach! SPEAK AND BE HEARD!

our triumphs so far include

Stopping Irish Rebels in Northern Irish Territory from comiting terrorism through negotiation and resoning

Securing that Britain remains united with the failing of the 2007 Referendum

Defeating the Nazi group BNP from banning mosques in Britain (i am not a religeous man nor agree in anyway with the major faiths but if people choose to worship a god they should have the right to!)

Helping to banish racism from local schools and most importantly of all

Raising money through fund raising event as simple as bag-packing, marathon fun-runs and musical demonstrations of our Military like prowess in Drill and procedure.

in other words, we held a concert.

In Britain we have over 9000 members but now i think its time we took it further, but be warned, any violent conduct during a campaign or protest that was not called for in every way shape or form and you shall have to stand appeal to me and my council.

the following possitions are open

2nd in command
Foreign affairs officer
Campaign Managers in Foreign countries
Design team
Public Relations officer
Journalist (we have a newspaper in the UK called the devoloution we hope to set one up in America by June 2010)
Political advisor to yours truely on foreign stances

To apply for any of these jobs, send me a private message and i shall respond as soon as possible respond with a notification of employment or an appology

and most importantly, the power behind the leaders

The volunteer Force

we need you to join today, for the voice of the people is not heard if none speak up.

our slogan over here is "let the british lion roar"

and in Ulster it is "By the peoples will"

needless to say the design teams input once hired would be valued for an American slogan

If there is anything you dont understand, again please just ask me, i shall be happy to answer all your questions.

I will also be needing a film crew/photographer to inform me how our campaigns are going.

Protest! Rally! Campaign! aslong as it spreads the message, you can put whatever your good at to the test and strive that little step closer to world peace by first solving the problems in your own countries, write songs, poems, use your art skills on a leaflet and never let them silence you.

14000 characters should be enough to relay the general idea to you i hope.

anyone with any ideas your completely welcome to post, pm or comment on my profile.

As the staff increases and we start releasing some guild announcements we shall soon have a world wide organisation striving for peace.


banner design contest, free to enter, just deisgn an international banner of 200x40 pixels that you feel carries the message of unity across the world. please no interatial handshakes, its old, cliche and boring.


the designer of the banner will be awarded

A. The position of head of design (if they wish)

B. Honours from the Marshall

and finally

C. 20K


Or latest American Campaign, A Federal Health Care plan.

Like it or not people are dying from crooked insurers, not being able to afford insurance and just not having the credit report to obtain it. Federal Health Care gives all those families in America a chance to recover from the harsh illness that may befall them, nearly everyone could afford treatment, a better USA today!

Murray.L TUQEiRM

And remember - Hate only leads to more Hate

be sure to visit HOPE NOT HATE for details on further anti-BNP campaigns.