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Are you fed up of those fans that state they know everything about Japan? That because you like a certain anime, that you cosplay, that you try and teach yourself a language that you are a loser or not a true Japanese fan like they are?

Are you fed up of being told that even though you've been to Japan, that you might have lived there or something similar that you still don't understand the country?

If this is you then this group is the place to join. The people in this group are all in the same boat, fed up of the elitists who tell them that they're wrong, or should shut up. Here talk about your love of Japanese music, anime or the country of culture. Talk about the challenge of learning the language. Here you won't get insulted or get told that you suck (unless you're friends and it's a joke of course).

This is a community for fans to talk about their interests, to talk about what they like, to ask for advice from people willing to help, listen and understand. Here is not the place for people who just want to say that they're right and everybody else is wrong.

The reason I feel that this guild is for the true fan of Japanese culture is because those who join this guild likes different aspects of the culture and willing to listen and understand to people who like other aspects.

Please enjoy!


  • Follow Gaia TOS
  • Do not insult anybody for what they like or dislike about Japan.
  • Everybody is welcome but you need to like some aspect of Japanese culture.
  • Don't start any arguments or fights.
  • Have manners...