17 years ago the Sorceress War ended, leaving the world beaten down and barely held together. Sorceress's were feared at this time as having great power that no one else could even hope to challenge. Fear was high about how another Sorceress could rise up and take power, but with time that faded as the world grew calm in it's time of peace. Many people began to believe that there would be no more Sorceress's, and then thirteen years ago another made an appearance, giving her power to a woman named Edea. Edea and her husband feared what might happen from this and went about creating and Organization named SeeD to ensure that should the day come when Edea would lose control of herself and aim to take over the world, someone would be there to stop her. This small group was built under the idea of being mercenaries to leave most of the world without knowing what the true purpose of SeeD was. As Time passed, several branches of SeeD opened, each in different regions acting as a hire able force to be used. With time, this was all SeeD was ever known to be, a mercenary force for hire.

In more recent times, the country of Galbadia has started to perform weird actions such as occupying cities and fortifications that have no reason to be occupied. Being of vastly superior military might, no one can really stand against their sweeping motion. It has only been recently that various organizations and cities have began to hire SeeD members to go out on missions to force back Galbadia from invading. By this point in history, almost no one actually remembers why SeeD was put together, but there is a growing concern by one of the Founder of SeeD as to why Galbadia has started to invade various cities. Slowly that man has begun to send messages to the other SeeD organizations to try to formulate on a plan in case his suspicions prove to be true.

Winhill Garden. It is a rather new Garden located near the city of Winhill. The SeeD group here is mixed, being members from many of the other Gardens sent to build up a community there to give it some safety while newer members are trained into SeeD. For the most part, this Garden strays away from many mercenary contracts simply because it is not yet large enough to provide much assistance to anyone. Most notably it serves to support other Gardens and collect money from it's assistance. Just recently a small group left this Garden heading for one of their final training exercises for those doing their exams to become official SeeDs. No one could have predicted what would come of this group and those they would meet.

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Inspiration and Story go to Final Fantasy 8. I do not own Final Fantasy 8 nor the ideas that come from it, those belong to Square Enix