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Welcome to Travel the World (International Friendship Online)
★Meeting New Friends★Sharing Information★Best sight seeing and visiting Discussion★Polls & Bumps★Lotteries★And much more★

Rules that should be obeyed by all Members of this Guild:

1.) No posting any offensive messages, sexual messages of any kind Or any kind of *naughty* talk.

2.) Asking for passwords or attempting to gain access to other peoples accounts in any way are not allowed.

3.) Do not spam the guild boards. This includes Chain Letters of any kind.

4.) Do not discuss religious or political views.

5.) Always respect the guild Captain and their crew.

6.) Travel the World guild is not a dating forum. This not the place to try to find a boyfriend/girlfriend for yourself. We do not condone the posting of message boards that invite other users for *naughty" or *hot* chats or other such inappropriate offsite activity, even by implication.

7.) No advertising for any other web sites out side Gaia.

8.) Anyone who brakes the rule 3 times will be banned automaticly.

9.) Please use the correct form of English Language.

10.) This is a guild for those who are seriouse about traveling or want to know/read about other countries they want to visit. Also to share your own stories in.

(More rules will be added in the future. Thank you.)

P.S. When joining this guild, please fill out these information:
Reason why you want to join this Guild:
If you do not fill out the Information Above and a good reason why you want to join this guild, You will not be accepted! Thank you

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