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This is Japan, where mythical being roam everywhere. A hundred years ago, there is four men: Duke Henry George, Duke Arthur Grimmer and Duke William Doyle. They each built a high school at Japan which each one has a speciality of their own.

Duke Henry George build a high school which is speciality in Music and Art, named Ongaku High School. He collect every student that wants to be musician or had favor in music, men or women. Many students graduate from Ongaku High School had become very famous and well-known. But Ongaku's student is not well-trained, they focus on logic and knowledge. Thus, Duke Henry Renchess became the first head master.

Bushi High School is built by Duke Arthur Grimmer. This school speciality is combat. They don't study well but are well-trained in hand-to-hand combat, handling weapon, etc... Although they are strong, Bushi's student is weak in defense and they often lost in fights because of that.

The first alchemy school built in Japan is owned by William Doyle. Renkinjutsu High school is a place where they teach how to perform alchemy spell and such without harming other. They are strong but is not very good with hand-to-hand combat and logical things. Renkinjutsu's student may not perform a lead to gold alchemy. Any alchemy changing something to gold is forbidden at any cost.

But there is secret culture in those three schools that is unknown to the public. And that is Trak Game. Every year, students in each school is sent out to a palace, no it's more like a labyrinth to everyone to fight. In the fight, they will be given a card with barcode and a bag with something to help you pass. The card is the most important thing. If the card broke, then it means you're dead. The barcode on the card and help you pass through the door with your number written on it. But it it don't show any number, then it means any card can go on. The last person alive will be send back to their school and they are allow to stop participating the next game.
(Note: You won't be really dying, you will just send back to the school and anticipate next battle.)

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-You can't kill as you wish, a judge will tell you if they are really dead.
-You must kill everyone in order to win.
-When you win, you can choose to participate or stop there and be a crew to help us.
-Don't make your character unbeatable.
-Remember, if you're a Renkinjutsu student, making weapons or a door to the other side etc is forbidden. That is called cheating.
-Ongaku student must win with your knowledge, never rely on strength, you can't win with them.
-Bushi student will fight with their fist or weapon to win.
-You can't just broke down the door and pass. Once you do that, you will be send back to the start.
-This is a auto-accept guild, just click on the link on top to join. But if you don't post a profile in a week, you're out. I don't care if we're lack of member or what.