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      W E L C O M E, brave souls, to Tolkien's Middle Earth!
      Will you join the fight to restore the peace of Middle Earth, or will you join the
      One Ring in its battle to wreath the world in darkness? The choice is up to you, my friend.

      Feel free to post in any forum thread. The more role players, contest competitors, artists, etc, the better! We have lots of contests, random discussion threads, roleplays, and other wonderful things for our members to join in on!
      But like any guild, we have rules.
      If you are roleplaying, keep your posts and story PG-13, so that means no sexual stuff, be it pictures, words, ascii art, whatever. No godmodding, and do your best to be considerate of others.
      And of course, always follow the Gaia TOS.

      UPDATE:: We've recently undergone some guild renovations! All old and inactive threads have been moved to the subforum labeled Old Topics. A new forum, Private Roleplays is for invitation-only and private roleplays only. Finally, there is a new forum called The Worksin which we discuss whatever we want about both the books and movies.

      New contests are being/have been launched!
      Not just holiday contests, year round contests as well.
      In addition to those, we also have a monthly writing prompt for those of you creative writers to write us some stories or poems!
      Also, we'll have a monthly art contest where, based on one word, you draw us a picture and we'll rate your art.

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      See that little box at the bottom of this page?
      it's for donations. We appreciate donations, but try not to donate unless the amount is less than 100,000. We're not poor, but we don't want you poor either.
      But thanks to the generous donations of our first 35 or so members, we've finally gotten enough Gold to buy a guild chat space! The link to the chat space is in a thread in the forum! Please join us and talk and rant and everything! biggrin
        Special thanks go to: Ratherdead, mangafan7713, Aya Nagatashi, and Luthien of Elu Thingol! Three cheers for Bilbo, Frodo, the Fellowship, and these generous+beautiful people! biggrin

      Guild Captain: Sintalokse
      Vice Captain: Clover_IceQueen
      Frigging Santa
      Brokenhearted Asian
      Arwen- LizTaylor
      Aya Nagatashi
      Luthien of Elu Thingol

      Also, you might wanna know that we're really weird sometimes. Yeah.

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