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General Rules

* Above all, follow the Gaia TOS.

* Please, try to be civil and polite.

* Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it will be respected because no one is one and the same..

* No spamming!

* If you are having issues with one of the other members, please contact me, Nathanial Essex.

* Three strikes you are out.
1) a friendly reminder
2) your last warning
3) you will be banned from the guild.

* Do not change your character's power or other vital information once the profile has been accepted. Thank you.

Role Playing Rules

* All (OOC) out of characters information should be kept out of character. Just because you know something, doesn't mean your character knows it.

* Some characters aren't nice people... Don't hold this against their players.

* No God-Moding or Power-Playing

* No Harrassment what-so-ever!

This is an X-Men vs. Bad Guys Guild. Everyone here is to have fun in role playing their cosplay characters. Canon characters are welcome! Just please give us a description of your character and their powers. Respect one another, have great communication with one another. Most of all... have fun! Let the games begin! twisted