There are three kingdoms that have been at war for over fifteen years. The kingdoms are, Stray Darkness in the South, Sacred in the West, and Tristic in the North.

Stray Drakness is the land that originally started the war, their king is said to be evil incarnate who's only want in this world is power, their queen died long ago. All the people in this now evil kingdom prefer to fight more than anything. All those born under the crest of the Stray Darkness kingdom are able to control fire and darkness elements.

Sacred are a calm group of peeple, they don't like to attack and would rather be stratistic than anything else. Their king is a great man, as is their queen, both very generous when they need to be. Those born under the crest of the Sacred kingdom are able to control wind and water elements.

Tristic, known as the 'middle kingdom', known when to attack and when to retreat. They are neither malevolent or generous, just go with what is the best strategy. They have a very honorable royal family, the king and queen are both fighters who protect their kingdom no matter the cause. People born under the crest of the Tristic kingdom are able to control earth and light elements.

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