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(The Image Above [The Battle of Yonkers] is the work of DeviantArt's 'adonihs. All rights and praise belong to him.)

Welcome to The ZRU, Gaia's one and only immersive Zombie RP guild.
Set on a present day Earth months into the outbreak of a zombie pandemic, players are dropped into the heart of a dynamic and growing/dying world where they have the option of playing the living or the dead. RPs take place in real world locations and utilize our unique infection factor/ incubation system, which constantly shifts the ebb and flow of zombies through numerous locations AND allows survivors to fight and RP through being infected. Toss in an expansive storyline with involvement from renegade scientists, the military, rag-tag armies and shady government agencies and you've got yourself one Hell of an apocalypse.

We have it all. Cities, towns, farms, harbors, airports, military bases, malls, office buildings, warehouses, apartments... Home Depots. You want to take a stand, you do it where and when you want, how you want. It's every man for himself, or stick together and use teamwork. Whatever you choose, do it fast. The zombies aren't as slow as you might think...

Oh, and


In your join request, give us the following information:
1) Your username and RL continent of origin (USA, Europe, etc)
2) A brief history of your RPing, and your favorite thing about zombies!
3) A small sample of your RPing skills. This can be written for the application, taken from an old RP you were in, or simply a character profile so we can see what your skill level is.
4) What you want to get out of your experience with ZRU (Character involvement, goals for your RPing, involvement with the story, etc.)

YOU ARE GUARANTEED ENTRY IF YOU ARE SEMI/ LITERATE, BUT MUST FILL OUT EACH OF THE FOUR POINTS FOR THE APPLICATION. Doing so proves that you are interested enough in our guild to put time into your application, as opposed to joining and 'poofing.'