The concept is simple. The Werewolf Game ["TWG"] is a forum-based game typically composed of 10-15 members. In the game there are two sides: the humans and the wolves. The point of the game is for either 1: The humans kill off all of the wolves, or 2: The wolves get the number of humans equal to them (if three humans and three wolves remain, the wolves win). The winning team will win a prize! It could be gold, or it could be items, who knows! Depends on the Guild's Funds, ran by a lovely member of The Werewolf Council (TWC) / Guild Mule, Vincent Wolfe of TWC. MVPs may even get an even bigger prize! So play your best!

For bigger and better prizes, donate to Vincent Wolfe! He'll make sure they're fairly distributed!


Humans usually do not know the roles of other humans, or anyone for that matter. Their objective is to kill all of the wolves in the game. To keep games balanced, there will ALWAYS be more humans than wolves, unless a special occasion happens. (I'm sure someone can think of something). The human team is usually represented by the colors green (Normal humans/Powerless humans) and blue (Special humans). Special humans, aka, the "Blues" each have a special ability. This power varies to what role the blue is.

Wolves (Represented by the color red) on the other hand almost always know the roles of the other wolves. Their objective is to get rid of humans and eventually make the number of humans less than or equal to the number of remaining wolves.


There are two phases: A day phase and a night phase.

The Night Phase starts the game. In this phase, wolves send the host a PM with the name of a player they would like to kill. [Commonly referred to as being "wolfed"]. Also, the blues PM the host to use their powers respectively.

The Day Phase is when most of the debating and heat takes place. This is because everyone votes for a member to be lynched. During the day phase, everyone (including the wolves) individually votes for a person to be killed off by bolding that person's name somewhere in their post. People come up with theories and evidence against others to sway the votes from one person to another. At the end of the day phase, the host tallies up the votes, and whoever has the most votes is killed. If someone does not vote, then they get a phantom vote. A phantom vote counts as .01 of a vote. Therefore, if someone in the next day phase votes for that person, they have 1.01 votes. Two phantom votes is equals 1.01 votes and 3 phantoms means you are kicked from the game. If there is a substitute available, they take over the kicked person's position. (Their phantom votes remain, though.) Also, if two or more people have the same amout of votes at the end of the day phase, a Knife in the Box (KitB), also known as "Kick in the Balls" occurs. In this case, the names of those tied in votes will be placed in the Random List Organizer tool on random.org. The name that comes up first on the list is the one to be lynched. There is also a situation called an Insta-Lynch, aka an "Insta" or commonly referred to by the host as an "I-I-I-INSTAAAAAA". This happens when one person has more than half of the votes to be lynched. When this happens, the person will be immediately lynched, and the day phase will end early. No Phantom Votes will be awarded to those who do not vote when this happens.

How to Apply
Just apply! No special forms or anything! Tell me how excited you are to play! I don't care! All are welcome!

If you'd like to affiliate, just PM iD O W N or Vincent Wolfe of TWC with a link!

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