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This is my walking dead roleplay guild ; basically We will be reenacting the tv/comic series but with our own characters or you could make your own! The events won't be the exact same (depending on how everyone roleplays) I just want this to be a zombie survival guild;
so no powers. No God modding.

Please be active, and please be a good roleplayer. If you have no idea what the walking dead is; then i suggest you don't join. <3

~Just a few rules; ~
1. No God modding; you can't dodge everything.
2. No infinite ammo.
3. No killing other characters UNLESS you have their permission.
4. Cursing IS allowed; just not in every word of your sentence.
5. Romance is allowed; just don't be TOO graphic.; No one wants to read that -.-
6. Must be active or you'll be kicked; if You're busy, post in the forum that indicates the absence forum.
7. Be respectful to the other members; and especially you're crew. They can and will ban if you're disrespectful.
8. Don't narrate for other people UNLESS you have permission.