The Videl Academy is located at the heart of England, it once was a safe haven for every souls and home to the cursed, gifted and ordinary. It's like no other boarding high schools, you don't get into the school by writing the entrance exams like others, you get chosen for a reason. You get sent a Videl Acceptance Letter from the headmaster himself. How does he know you? I simply don't know.

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† 1815 †
Location England
The founder of this magnificent school was a man named Lucas Videl, he was well known for his wealth and his interest of the other side. He was curious if there was really such a place called heaven and hell but of course you never know until you meet your fate. The problem is, you won't live to the tale sounds unfair doesn't it? Despite that he still continued on his research by taking a different route.

He spoken with priest, exorcists, clerks about where exactly do demons and evil spirits come from, Hell was the answer but how do they enter our world? Was the question. The spirit world is a the most complicated thing to understand. He searched through books, documents and papers but they all seemed to come lead him to a dead end until he came across one peculiar book called 'H & H'. It had about bits and pieces of information of what he was a looking and it mysteriously came along of a set of instruction of summoning... That was it. Some of the words were scratch out same goes for the author's name. Given no other choice he took the book.
Ever since that day, everything changed.

Strange events have been happening over the years
+"Killed three school girls, chop them up and left them for the wolves, can you make a crime like that go unnotice!?"

+"You know that sweet old lady Ms. Sherwood, our English Teacher. She died. Found her head in the rose garden, I did!"

+"Look down at the courtyard." "I don't see any- Woah! What the hell!!"

+"Lessons are cancelled today." "Really?! Sweet!, why?" "They found the vice headmaster hung on the flag pole."

+"These little b*****d children running out in the forest, they are goddamn monsters, bloodsucking demons."

+"You know that new teacher, something about him changed after he worked in that place...something in his mind..."

+"No! No leaving! They would never let you go now!"

Their souls can't rest after a hateful crime, give them the justice they deserve!
"Lucas made one attempt of burning this place...he didn't finish the job..."

† Present †
Many years have passed, and the murderous events have come to a sudden stop. Some people placed the past behind them, viewed them as fictional scary stories, screamed and laughed about it but others knew very well that it isn't a story at all. A teacher secretly has formed a small group of students to solve these mysteries, find out the sickening backstory of this academy and become exorcist. Will they be able to find all the answers to their questions? Or will someone or something block their path? Why do some of the students and staff act strange? How come this teacher is different?

Unknown "Try and solve my puzzle, my little ones~."

Want to Apply?
1. How active are you?
2. You must be about semi-literate.
3. Why do you want to join?
4. RP sample please.
5. Can you handle it...

† Theme Music †