If you choose to apply to join this guild, please include a writing sample, no more than 2 or 3 paragraphs, to the following promt You wake up to the sound of noises coming from under your bed, what do you do?

These are the rules you must follow if you want to join this guild.

1. You must be dedicated to this thread. You cant just create a character and then never post. If this happens we will delete your character. When you are accepted you will be on a two week probation to see if you are a good fit to this guild, if we decide that you aren't clicking then you will be asked to leave. When you submit your application to the guild you need to submit a sample of your rping.

2. No text writing. We expect you to use proper grammar and spelling. You also need to post more than a couple sentences per post. Try to include what your characters are thinking and doing, it makes things more interesting.

3. Please no vampires or werewolves, we are incredibly sick of the Twilight craze. If you want to be another fantastical creature we'll review it and ok it when you post.

4. No plot twists without asking us first. We have an idea of where we want this to go and we don't want any sudden changes.

5. No side missions without our Ok.

6. If you can, please post a picture on your bio so it will be easier for everyone to visualize.

7. Absolutely no cybering

As always you need to follow all of Gaia's rules

If you agree to these rules then we will have no problem and you can continue.