!!Welcome to T.U.F.E.!!!

This is where you belong! T.U.F.E. has so much to offer. It doesn't matter if you're human or... well... something else, there's a place for you here. We offer top of the line dorms, classes of every kind thought by the best teachers around, and endless ECA and clubs for everything! Our happy students will welcome you and make you feel at home because, well, this is your new home now right?

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But you must know that we don't just have the University here, we have alot of other fun things to do too! Anyway if you want to join please, post the use the code at the bottom of page {read the rules first} if we don't answer request within a few days, you should pm a mod.

~Thank You!~

Captain= Roro tashimaru
Crew= A Faint Gray Flower
Crew= XxXzlatehXxX
Crew= Luna_Wraith
Crew= Dante Pandorum
Crew= Aras Devoncroix
Crew= Xx Inari Kitsune xX

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~What you can find here~

~Role play stories
~The University for Everything world
~Chat forums
~master & slave stuffs
~totally random and off topic things


~Cussing must be altered to ex: I HATE THIS S***!!! and please try and restrain from using the f word even if you alter it
~Thank you for reading the rules,

Us taking action against it
~first time you will be pm'ed by me wolfeh or another mod
~second time you will be called out in the forum and pm'ed again
~third time: I THINK YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH CHANCES thankies for playing but your OUTA HERE!!!

Thank You For Visiting Our Part of The Universe!