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It has been several decades since the Universe of the Four Gods was last opened. The Mikos of Suzaku and Seiryuu have since married and moved on with their lives. The old Shichi Seishi have since died, passing on their powers to a new group of Celestial Warriors.

Everything seems to be taking its normal course. However, atop Mt. Taikyoku, things are not doing well. Taiitsukun has fallen ill from a mysterious disease. The cause of it is unknown, but it is not merely affecting her. It is affecting everything inside the world of the Universe of the Four Gods. To bring everything back from the brink of Chaos, a new group of Mikos will need to be summoned. This time, there will need to be five Mikos, as the last god, Pangu, is needed.

The Chosen ones, a group of seven friends, have found the book. The five girls have been sucked into the world of the book, along with one of the males. The last male is left to read the book, learning of the adventure unfolding.

Will you be able to join in the journey to save the world of the Universe of the Four Gods?

I don't know how many times I have been asked what I want to be put in the Join Request. So, in order to allieviate this, just answer these questions:
How long have you been interested in Fushigi Yuugi?
Who is your favorite character(DO NOT GO FANGIRL-ISH ABOUT THIS!)
How much have you read/watched of it? (AKA: How much do you know?)

ALSO: In order to join the guild, you need to send a friendlist request to Shin Jin Tenchi Sho AFTER you have sent in your join request. He is the guild mule, and he will be used to send updates and newsletters regarding the guild! I will NOT accept you if you have not sent a request to him!