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Our history is filled with heroic valiance, sacrifice and dedication, but also with a dark stain. For too long has our system been corrupted, weakened from the inside and left to fester. But that will change, under the command of a man worthy to wear our highest honors, General Dazereth Kruzic. A man who's past is as decorated as they come, and who has the attitude to bring about much needed change. He is a Marine, expect a certain determined personality, and take no s**t attitude.

Prepare to bleed.
For victory does not come cheaply.

Prepare to sweat.
For our once great military has grown fat and stagnant and is in need of shaping up.

Prepare to cry.
And you will.
For only the insane or exceptional would survive what we have in store.

Prepare to be shaped into the finest soldiers to be seen in the last fifty years.

Already our establishment has had the cancerous growths of corruption and greed cut from it, freed from the weights of indecision and inaction. Our country cannot survive a stalemate war, it is victory of defeat, nothing more.

Five years ago our beautiful nation was crushed, almost defeated by the Empire of Malarca. Our survival this long was not bought cheaply, over one hundred thousand Gaian souls lost to show our resolve in not surrendering.

The northern invaders have dug in deep, and after years of constant fighting we still have not reclaimed all of our lands. But the line has been drawn, and we intend to cross it with excessive force. No more diplomatic talks, no more pandering to those who imprison our brothers and sisters caught behind enemy lines. No more waiting.

Today you sign your lives away for the greater good. You are vital to our success. A hero in the making. A true patriot. You begin this journey with the hope that tomorrow your families and future generations may live free.

This war is not over, it has barely started.

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“A victorious army first wins and then seeks battle; a defeated army first battles and then seeks victory.” – Sun Tzu

"Army: a body of men assembled to rectify the mistakes of the diplomats." - Josephus Daniels

Even in an age of modern ships and aircraft, no military force can hope to achieve victory without an army. The United Gaian Army is the largest branch of the UGMF, serving as it's power on the ground. It is also the oldest branch of the UGMF, having served Gaia even before the formation of the Confederacy. Whether driving deep into enemy territory with tanks, denying control of an area with artillery, or occupying a city or nation with infantry, the Army is prepared for the task.

The Army has the ability to carry out almost any task asked of it. It's armored vehicles can smash through enemy lines, clearing the way for mechanized infantry and air cavalry. It's artillery can level entire cities, or drop GPS-guided shells with enough precision to take out a single building. It's airborne infantry can land behind the enemy and wreak havoc. An it's engineers can sabotage strategic areas and clear obstacles.

If roaring across the battlefield in tanks, pounding the ground as infantry or obliterating the enemy with powerful artillery appeals to you, the United Gaian Army is the place to be.

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“It follows then as certain that night succeeds the day, that without a decisive naval force we can do nothing definitive, and with it, everything honorable and glorious.” – George Washington

“A good navy is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guarantee of peace.” Theodore Roosevelt

The United Gaian Navy is the UGMF's source of power at sea, and is arguably it's most powerful branch. The Navy maintains the powerful ships that protect Gaia's territorial waters, and is fully capable of taking war directly to the enemy; a UGN carrier group carries enough firepower to wage war against a small country, and win. Few nations in the world can rival the UGN's power at sea.

The Navy's strength lies in it's ships, and the variety it has- small fast attack craft and patrol boats for rapid insertion and coastal defense; fast moving frigates and destroyers for rapid engagements; stealthy submarines for covert destruction of enemy fleets; powerful cruisers and battleships to deal out heavy firepower; and the pride and true strength of the UGN, it's powerful fleet carriers and their broods of fighters and helicopters. The Navy also contains troop transports and amphibious assault carriers for the deployment and support of the Marine Corps in combat. Whatever role the Navy is asked to perform, it does so with maximum efficiency, maximum speed, and maximum firepower.

Whether you want to unleash devastating power with a battleship, take to the skies in the cockpit of a carrier fighter, or hit the enemy with a submarine's torpedoes before they know you're there, the Gaian Navy is the place to be.

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