Ahoy there! Are you tired of stories and poems that are empty shells made only for purposes of 'pleasure' and 'enjoyment'? Well I sure am...and I want you to join me on an epic journey to develop stories and works with the ultimate purpose of promoting life questions of the human condition...our struggles, our purpose, our lives. If you have the determination to craft stories, poems, and ideas with me that can do more than just leave an impression on someone and have them remember the story, to create to build others up, then I would greatly enjoy you here. smile

This guild intends to reveal hope even among dark situations.
Many of my stories are very violent and my characters deeply corrupt or troubled, so if you have a weak stomach with blood and gore stories, let me know so I can tone it down around you.

Partner/Owned Guild(s): Welcome to the Circus- Circ de Ciudati
Zhan's Academy for Young Masters

Cpt. of Circus, Vice of Zhan's

Roleplaying and Writing Rules
So...if you have an idea for an rp or piece of writing, post it in the "Storm of Brains" topic before you create it.
-Disclaimers must be made in every rp 1st page (or in the beginning of the piece of writing): That means you say (as much as you can think of) what is allowed or is addressed (still within the bounds of this guild) kinda like a movie rating, such as..."Sexual descriptions"/"Sensuality"(to what extent, but of course super sexy stuff must be taken into PMs or something), "Demonic/Dark/Cult Activity", "Intense (or medium or whatever) Violence" (and maybe even specify, like "intense creature violence" wink , "Drug/Alcohol Use", "Political Sensitivity" (we are NOT talking about political parties, that's gross: this means if there's a dictatorship, genocides, crazy stuff like that, but you must specify), blah blah blah...
-State the basic storyline (and posting the themes is highly encouraged) kinda like a synopsis (and don't give us the ending of the story of course, DUH razz ), but if a simple piece of writing, don't worry about it
-Um...whatever... razz

Yup yup.

Basically, if anything you do bothers or upsets me or someone else in the party, we need to sort it out or risk being kicked out. If you continue even with a reproach or two, then bye-bye!

-NO excessive sexual descriptions, actions, pictures or language. Anything like that must either be time-skipped or taken out of the actual guild. We are not here to make porn stories, and any sex-ness isn't just to make a story "steamy" or "appealing", but to reveal the consequences of the shallow-ness of simply sexual based relationships. If anything is possibly very sex-y and you find it necessary to put it in, SEND IT TO ME FIRST to see if I think it's too harsh or not and I'll give you the permission to put it in or not.
-NO excessively harsh language
-NO seriously rude confrontations with other members if you do it SERIOUSLY even in an rp, it can go deeper than just a character basis and starts to become personal.
-Godmodding....meh...if you're too god-moddy, I'll address you and ask you to tune it down, but if you continue, then I'll have to place severe restrictions on you >: P
-Excessive inactivity (weeks at a time) is not allowed unless you let me know why you cannot post if you have the intention of posting. Inactivity for too long might result in you being kicked out. :O
-Um...pffft...whatever...I decide next razz
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That's mostly it...I guess. Please enjoy yourself and post as often as you can! 3nodding