We amongst the Vice-Captains as well as the Captain have come to understand that some of you might not know what the aim for this guild is, so here it is! "The Tales of Youkai Academy" is an RP guild aiming for a small group of RPers to join in having fun in plotting out our own Youkai Academy adventures like those of Tsukune, Moka, and the group of Rosario + Vampire. Our RP consists entirely of OCs, aside from the teachers revealed in the anime and manga, which are RPed by the Crew and above. The setting is after everyone from the familiar series have graduated and gone on with their lives. Absolutely NONE of the OCs are to have any relation to the characters of Rosa-Vam, for their futures are still unsure as the series is still continuing currently. Make up a character and make your own memories in the ever fun and dangerous school for monsters!

Rules for Members

1. No taking characters from the anime, make your own! The only characters from the anime that are brought in are the teachers, and they are only rped by the guild staff.

2. When submitting a profile, send it to up to 2 of the guild Captain, Vice-Captains and/or some certain Crew members before posting your profile. WARNING Anyone that posts their profile without 2 approvals will have their profile deleted on the spot!

3. When submitting a character, remember that some monster species are rare, such as Vampires and all other S-Class monsters, and Humans would be in risk of losing their lives if they are found out, so if you want to have a character like this then you must justify how they came upon the school.

4. The absolute MAXIMUM amount of characters that a member can have is 2-3, with exception to guild staff who also have a teacher character. Those members who so desire that have PROVEN to the guild staff that they can handle more characters may have an extra character, but only AFTER they have proven themselves.

5. While posting, there is NO GODMODDING or POWERPLAYING!! If two characters get in a fight then post with time for the others to react, no instant hits! Also, post literately, no text talk! When people can't understand what you are saying, it makes for a bad rp, so don't do it!

6. Do not rp any pornographic stuff, AT ALL!!! The most you can do is the level of fan-service displayed in the manga!

7. For any clubs you want to be brought into the guild that are not yet in place, please send in an application (the outline of which will be posted in the forums) that includes the name and purpose of the club, as well as the club leader (your character that leads the club).

8. Throughout the school year there will be some events, and if you have any suggestions for them then send a PM to the guild Captain or one of the Vice-Captains and it might be approved and used in the guild.

Rules for Characters

1. DO NOT reveal your true identity to your fellow classmates or school staff except in special circumstances.

2. Follow all rules of the humans' school guidelines. This includes wearing your uniform to class every day!

3. Come time when clubs become active again, you will need to submit an application to the club you wish to join.