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Welcome to the Surreal Sanctuary. This is a retreat, a glistening and welcoming oasis, for writers, readers, and roleplayers alike. Anyone is welcome! The Surreal Sanctuary is for the literate people of Gaia...

In this guild, you shall find wonderful people who share your interests to chat with. You can have others peer-edit your latest writing piece, or discuss writing advice. Whether you write novels, short stories, fanfictions, poems, or essays, we have resources that will help! What about your favorite books? You can chat about them here! Whether it's a fantasy series, a nonfiction book, or an old classic, you're welcome here! And... don't forget about movies that are based off books! Or even television shows or musicals. And, don't forget, mangas count as books too! This is also somewhat of a general guild, so all artists can come in and share their art in our sweet abode! Do you paint, sketch, or make computer graphics? Come on in; don't be shy! Are you an otaku? Then, you better spend some time in our active Anime/Manga Planet! You can discuss, debate, and participate in heated shipping wars! Ask for cosplay advice, or recommendations for new animes or mangas. Also, there is a laid-back subforum for Free Chat for those of us who need a little space to act random and silly. Be sure to visit our Official Bump Thread -- we even have bump banners! So, while hanging out, you can grab some gold! There are lots of polls too. We have contests - poetry contests, avatar contests, and more, so you can win prizes! ^_^ You can make your own contests, or participate in others.

Everyone, with every interest, is welcome in this sanctuary.

Within this guild, you will find wonderful roleplays for all levels! Some for beginners, some for intermediate, and some for advanced! There are some that are for all levels, too! You shall find great roleplay tutors, in case you would like to learn how to RP, or to improve RP skills. Whether you want to be tutored in a group, privately in PMs, or through a natural beginner-level RP, don't hold back from asking for help!

We plan to have many great RPs: something to suit everyone and anyone. Members are welcome to create their own RPs! We will have fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, horror, mystery, realistic-fiction, medieval, school, romance, and any other genre anyone can think of!


How to join: There really is no form. All you have to do is put in a decent join request. Just say why you would like to join. And, as soon as you get in the guild, be sure to read the rules! The rules are not too complicated, don't worry. Just basic rules to guarantee the enjoyment of your time here at the Surreal Sanctuary. Also, please be an ACTIVE member. Read announcements when they are posted, make posts yourselves, etc. Please introduce yourself in the welcome thread.

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NOTE: Donate all gold to the GUILD MULE! NOT to the guild! The guild mule: TheSurrealSanctuary

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If you want your guild to be an affiliate, you have to be a member of this guild first, and then you may request to be an affiliate by making a thread in the Free Chat subforum or PMing the Captain, Otulissa.

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If you are active, you get a special item in this affiliate's RP!