This is a guild for anyone that likes acting really retarded in public and people that love things such as public drunkeness.It is also a place to rp and advertise your rps. So if you are interested join us we will be giving away free cookies. Oh yeah me(Anthony) and Angelwings15(Francinsca/My Girlfriend) and my friend Kino the Vampiric Samurai(Matt) Are the owners of this guild even though I paid for it.*Looks at kino * Freakin freeloader.

Hey, Ya'll! There aren't that many people here are there ._.??? Well then, why don't we ask some people to join? If you're in the guild, ask your friends who like to be random to join =D I'm sure they'd like it here ^.^ Okay... I'm gonna go now =] have fun everyone x3!!!!!!!!