the first story of the immortals found in a stone chest only a part of the story is there and thats the story of three teens a 13 year old girl and two 14 year old boys who find themselves in the middle of a forest at midnight, death comes to give a shot at escape,
"survive the forest for a year and you'll have proven yourselves worthy to live in the world of imortals like you wish if you dont ...hehehe well you'll have to help me with MY WORK..." the threat of losing their lives hanges heavily as they fight to get to the Land of Imortals (L.I.) and in he year 1032 its going to take alot more than swords, axes, bows, and magic to fight through of this monster ridden forest and as the time is long for the teens the jorney is even longer and harder for the three kowing time isnt right and the minutes take hours and the group still learnig how to fight.
as time goes by more storys will be found to add on to the storys of immortals and all will be ...thrilling.