Welcome to the Starfox Team Guild.
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No explicit content
No use of profained language
No website advertising
No posting rude comment's towards other member's of the guild
Follow the captain's rules (always)
Have fun

Follow TOS guidelines

The StarFox Team guild was made only for people who are into the exiting StarFox game. If you like StarFox, this is the guild for you. you must send a join request telling us why you want to join, how much you are into StarFox. This is kind of like a test to see if you really know enough about StarFox to join the guild. Most chances are that you will pass the test.

If you are a member of The StarFox Team and know someone who want's to join, PM matadair or the captain of the guild. They will take care of the invitations.

For those who betray the StarFox team, the conseqence will be severe. If you betray us, you will be banished to the deserted planet known as, Venom.
Andross was banished to planet Venom because of the fact that he has tried to take over the world and failed.

Please donate a little gold every once in a while.