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тнoυѕandѕ oғ yearѕ нave paѕѕed ѕιnce тнe ғall oғ тнe ѕeιreтeι вy тнe мergιng oғ нυeco мυndo. нυndredѕ oғ yearѕ нave gone вy ѕιnce тнe laѕт ѕoυl reaper. нυeco мυndo нaѕ now ѕplιт ғroм тнe ѕoυl ѕocιeтy, and leғт ιт тo тнe aѕнeѕ ιт waѕ leғт ιn. тнe вaттle waѕ тнoυgнт тo вe over, вυт all oғ тнeѕe yearѕ laтer, a new era wιll вegιn. тнe new generaтιon oғ ѕoυl reaperѕ, тнe very godѕ oғ deaтн тнaт once ѕтrυcĸ тerror ιnтo every нollow, нaѕ rιѕen. тнe reвιrтн oғ тнe ѕoυl ѕocιeтy нaѕ вegυn, and a new тнreaт нaѕ eмerged. ѕтιll, one мυѕт never ғorgeт- "ғor aѕ long aѕ тнere are нollowѕ, тнere wιll вe ѕoυl reaperѕ."

yoυ are one oғ тнeѕe new ѕoυl reaperѕ, вleѕѕed wιтн even вeттer capaвιlιтιeѕ oғ тнe laѕт generaтιonѕ. тнe вegιnnιng oғ тнιѕ new generaтιon вegan aѕ an eхperιмenт carrιed oυт вy ѕнιnjι yaмada, ѕcιenтιѕт eхтraordιnaιre, and тнe laѕт capтaιn oғ ѕqυad . тнe ‘new ѕoυl reaper’ waѕ never jυѕт a pυre ѕoυl reaper; тнey were мodιғιed ѕoυlѕ мerged wιтн нollow and qυιncy reιтѕυ. тнe ғιrѕт ‘вaтcн’ waѕ never тo yaмada’ѕ lιĸιng, and тнey were eхтreмely ғaυlтy. ѕoмe woυld вe overcoмe вy тнeιr нollow ιnѕтιncтѕ, and coυld noт вe conтrolled. oтнerѕ coυld noт мanage тнe ιммenѕe qυιncy power, and woυld qυιтe lιтerally ιмplode ғroм all oғ тнe energy вυιldιng ιnѕιde. ιт waѕ noт υnтιl тнe ғoυrтн ‘вaтcн’ creaтed тнaт тнe new ѕoυl reaperѕ coυld reacн тнeιr ғυll poтenтιal. wιтн тнe powerѕ oғ a ғυll-вlown vaѕтo lorde, тнe reιтѕυ-aвѕorвιng capaвιlιтιeѕ oғ a qυιncy, and тнe vaѕт ѕpιrιтυal powerѕ oғ a ѕoυl reaper; тнe new ѕoυl reaperѕ, or ‘ѕυpυraιѕυ’ (‘ѕplιcer’), вecaмe ғar мore advanced and powerғυl тнan ιмagιned. тнeѕe ѕυpυraιѕυ/ѕplιcerѕ вecaмe тнe нιgн-ranĸιng oғғιcerѕ oғ capтaιnѕ and lιeυтenanтѕ. тнey all мaĸe υp тнe ѕplιcer corpѕ., and тaĸe ѕpecιal мιѕѕιonѕ тo нυeco мυndo ιn an eғғorт тo ғιnd тнe reмaιnιng vaѕтo lorde and deѕтroy тнeм.

----Side note:
This guild is being rebuilt. Therefore, if you join, you will be part of the process. Everyone has a say in what goes on, and there are specific democratic systems in place so that everyone's voice is heard when dealing with a problem or a suggestion. Please remain active in this time to bring this guild back to its former glory.
-Thank you