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This is a Slayers cosplay rp group Lina Inverse and company are getting back together to go on another adventure with each other. Will they finally find a way to to turn Zelgadis's body back to normal ? Will they find a sword that's suitable for Gourry? The adventures will take place after Slayers Revolution and Evolution R.

Lina Inverse - Lina Inbasu

Naga The Serpent- CountessNephry

Gourry Gabriev- free

Zelgadis Graywords- Hiei Kinshi Ichi

Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun- PrincessofSeyruun


Xellos- free

Zangulus- Free

Filia- free

Luna Inverse - Free

Pokota- Pokota Taforashia

Prince Phil - Free

Sylphiel - Under_The_MilkyWay_Stars

OC's are accepted !



Get along with everyone

No God moding

One post a day isn't going to make this a fun rp so please try to be active as much as you can

New Rule: If you don't post after you join the guild then you lose your character and get replaced
unless you're in the hospital or have a good reason why you're not posting

No one liners

You can be any character in the series as long as they're still alive

We need people to fill in characters for us who are already taken but aren't posting