Better, or also known as The Official Singapore Guild.

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The Official Singapore Guild's purpose is to connect
Singaporeans of the Gaia Online community through
a common bond and identity (and a guild, of course).
All are welcome to join, including non-Singaporeans/supporters!

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What, and Where is Singapore?
A brief introduction to the Republic of Singapore.

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The Republic of Singapore (Chinese: 新加坡共和国 (Xīnjiāpō G򮧨駵󩻍
Malay: Republik Singapura; Tamil: User Image (Cingkappur Kudiyarasu)),
is an island city-state in southeast Asia, situated on the southern tip of the Malay
Peninsula, south of the state of Johor of Peninsular Malaysia and north of the
Indonesian islands of Riau. Land-wise, it is one of the smallest established nations
on Earth. It is (essentially) an advanced metropolitan urban city on its own island,
one which is also an independent country.

Yet while small, Singapore is also the most densely populated independent country
in the world, and its population is diverse compared to most other nations. Its
current population is over 4.6 million; Chinese have constituted the majority of
the island's population since British colonial days, and account for 76.8% of
Singaporeans. Malay, who are the indigenous native group of the country,
constitute 13.9%, while Indians are the next largest minority ethnic group at 7.9%.

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