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Welcome to the Shoujo-Ai and Yuri Guild! Don't let the guild name fool you. We celebrate girl love of all kinds, be it series- or book-based or completely original work.

This doesn't mean we're some kind of dating guild. This is not a place for you to find hookups; it's to celebrate girl-love, not practice it. Trying to find a girlfriend is a bad reason to join.

Everyone is welcome here, no matter what your gender or preference. The only requirement is that you like girl love (and follow the rules, of course ^^).

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The Guild

- General discussion of all types of the girl-love fandom.
- Mass Picture Posts, for those who like pretty things
- The Girl-Love Arena, for the artists and authors
- Roleplaying, for those who enjoy a good roleplay
- The Lounge, for personal topics and discussion
- Chatterbox, for all that other stuff


- Be sure to read the guild constitution, rules, and guidelines. They are extremely important.
- Do not submit a blank join request. Please include some information about yourself and tell us why you'd like to join.
- We are searching for active, reliable crew members. Applications are currently open! If you are interested in helping out, please become an active and helpful member of the guild and send in an application. Alternatively, if you are nominated for a crew position outside of application times, the crew may pm you if we think you are suited to the task.

Companion to
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~ Donations ~


If you'd like to donate to the guild (we would greatly appreciate it), please send the donations to the guild mule,
Shoujo Ai no Kifu. Guild donations made directly to the guild bank below cannot be used for anything except buying subforums--we ask users to send donations to the guild mule so we can buy prizes for contests and events. So please, remember to send it to Kifu. Thanks!