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Rules and Information

About us

This is a place to ask and answer questions on topics such as

- Birth Control
- Pregnancy
- Infertility
- STDs
- Pap Smears
- Breast Exams
- Sexual Preference
- Parenting
- Adoption

And more.

Educational articles and inspirational blogs may also be posted.

Forums and Subforums

Questions about sex, birth control, periods, ob-gyn visits, STDs, pregnancy, or anything else related to reproductive health, gender, or sexual preference can go in the main forum.

If you would like to check out some recent articles and blogs about gender, sexual preference, or reproductive health, check out the Articles and Such (Sex Ed) Subforum.

If you have a question about healthy eating, healthy weights, or loving and accepting your body as it is, then post in the Body Image, Nutrition, and Weight Subforum.

If you would like to check out some recent articles and blogs about body image, nutrition, weight, self esteem, or self love check out the Articles and Such (Body Image, Nutrition, and Weight) Subforum.

If you have a question related to adoption, surrogacy, parenting, or other family issues, head over to the Family Stuff Subforum.

If you want to read some recent blogs and articles about adoption, surrogacy, parenting, or other family issues, head over to the Articles and Such (Family Stuff) Subforum.

If you have a question or something you'd like to discuss that isn't related to sex, reproductive health, weight, nutrition, body image, or family then head over to the Off-Topic and Other Issues Subforum.

(To keep the guild clean and our information up to date, old threads, particularly in the main forum, are often deleted.)


(It looks like a long list, but don't worry, most of this is just common sense stuff)

-No porn (this includes pornographic videos, photographs, and art work). This means no directly posting porn or linking to sites that have porn anywhere on that page.

-No looking for dates/hook ups/cyber buddies/anything along those lines. This is an educational guild, not a personal ad.

-No nude photos. Now, you might be thinking, "But nudity does not equal porn, and there are some amazing educational websites with nudity, Y U NO LET ME POST!?" or you might be thinking, "Why is it ok to post a man's bare chest but not a woman's bare chest?" After all, there is definitely a difference between sexual nudity (like porn) and non-sexual nudity (like when you're at the doctor's). And just because women usually have bigger breasts than men, that doesn't mean that our chests are inherently dirtier than theirs. But. Here's the big "but." Sometimes the difference between sexual nudity and non-sexual nudity isn't quite as clearly defined as my porn verus doctor's office example. When it's a grey area, things get a little more subjective. Not everyone agrees on what's sexual and what's not at that point. And, like it or not, female breasts are sexualized in our society. So to be safe, to have the rules be clearly defined, to keep things simple, and to make doubly sure that everything stays PG-13, no nude photos are allowed. So no p***s photos. No vulva photos. No female breast photos. No matter how educational they may be. Ok?

-Use real words whenever possible. Slang words can mean different things in different places, they can confuse people, people often use them in totally incorrect ways, and they can sound very un-PG-13. If you use real words, we're more likely to understand you and to be able to help you in a PG-13 way.

-Try to be respectful. People like different things in bed. People do different things with their bodies. People do different things with their lives. You may or may agree with everything that people do in their bedroom, with their bodies, or with their lives. And that's ok. But if they're not breaking any rules, breaking any laws, or otherwise hurting anyone, then it's not ok to say things like, "You're sick," or "You're stupid," just because you don't agree with them.

-Make an effort. It's totally fine if you're not the best speller in the world. You will not get in trouble for typos or mistakes. But we do ask that you try. Because if you type like this, "i haz uh ? can u help mee plzzz?!1?" it makes the guild look spammy. It also makes it difficult to understand, which means you're less likely to get the help that you need. It also gives the impression that you don't really take your issue that seriously. And if you don't even take it seriously, why should we?

-Don't revive old threads. If it hasn't had a reply in six months or more, leave it dead.

-Don't hijack someone else's thread for your totally unrelated issue. If someone posts a question asking about their birth control, and if all we're talking about in that thread is their birth control issue, don't suddenly hop in and ask about your wet dreams. It's not fair to the original poster, and it can get very confusing when multiple unrelated conversations are going. And if people have trouble keeping track of what's what, your question is less likely to get answered as fully as it could otherwise. So if your question has nothing to do with what the thread is about, then make sure you hit "New Topic," rather than "Post Reply."

-Try to contribute something with every post. Your contribution doesn't have to be groundbreaking or cure AIDS. But you shouldn't just reply to every topic with something like, "Don't know," or "Cool," either.

-Do not make "let's swap stories/tips" threads. "Let's swap stories/tips" threads can be fun. Sometimes they can even be informative. But they can also get out of hand, they can make sex seem like a competition, and they can turn un-PG-13 very quickly. So threads like, "Tell me about the first time you had sex," or "What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?" or "Tell me about how you masturbate," or "Here are my awesome oral sex tips," are not allowed.

-Go into as much detail as you need to. No more, no less. Use your best judgement. If you don't give us any details, we're going to have a difficult time answering your questions. But don't give us so many details that we're basically just reading the erotic story of your life.

-Be patient. We have members who are online and willing to answer questions every day. But that doesn't mean that we'll be able to respond to your post immediately. So don't start randomly bumping your thread just because it's sat for a little while with no replies. Give us some time.

-Unless it's Nikolita's sex ed guild or Fizzlestick's sex ed guild, don't advertise for or link to other guilds without asking me (LorienLlewellyn) first. That will make it easier for me to make sure everything linked in here is credible and PG-13.

-No thinspo. (This is mostly for the Body Image, Nutrition, and Weight Subforum). Thinspo refers mainly to pictures and mottoes that encourage people (primarily women) to be thin. You might be wondering what's so bad about that. Well, thinspo pictures and mottoes usually feature extremely thin women and encourage people to not eat or to otherwise sacrifice health for a certain weight, dress size, or look. Thinspo images are often used as eating disorder inspiration (yeah, that's right, there are people who have eating disorders, who are proud to have eating disorders, and who encourage other people to have eating disorders - there are entire websites devoted to eating disorder inspiration). And that's not good. Bodies are all different anyway. Our bodies all react a bit differently to different foods and exercise, so we're not all going to fit into the same sized clothes no matter what we do. And that's ok. So around here, we're going to encourage health and self love rather than any particular weight, dress size, or look.


Violating most of these rules will just annoy guildies, get your post edited, get your post deleted, get your thread locked and/or get you a warning. But purposely violating the PG-13/no porn/no cybering rules can (and usually will) get you banned from the guild with no warning.


If you have any questions about any of the rules or if you think a thread or post might violate any of the rules, send me (LorienLlewellyn) a PM. I am online every day, so I will get back to you shortly.

Also, we're officially affiliated with the Teen Sex and Pregnancy Guild run by my friend Nikolita.

Updated 3/11/13